Thursday 11 February 2016

Leuthen today

This week's game will be a refight of Leuthen. Ok, we have already played this twice in the past 12 months using Black Powder, but today we will be using Honours of War. The two earlier battles were very different affairs. In game 1 the Reichsarmee and both Austrian cavalry wings were broken, resulting in an overall army collapse. In game 2 the Reichsarmee ran away again but it was the Prussian cavalry which was driven off the field, leaving Fred nothing to do other than stage a fighting withdrawal and accept defeat. Not very satisfying especially as in BP one dreadfully low and unmodified die score can see the pride of your army break. Don't get me wrong I like BP, but I like HoW better for the SYW/WAS era. I hope today's game is a little more challenging than the previous two. Based on our other HoW games, I expect we shall all be very satisfied and very knackered. A bit like a night of full-on debauchery (IIRC from my youth).

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