Thursday 25 February 2016

The Austrians on parade

After their last victory at Liegnitz I thought I would take a few photos of the whole of my Austrian army.

 The army on parade.
 Six units of Croats.
 Two regiments of cuirassiers (O'Donnell and Alt-Modena) headed by a unit of combined carabiniers on the right and three regiments of dragoons (Hessen-Darmstadt, Sachsen-Gotha and at the back Jung-Modena) led by combined horse grenadier companies. The Palatinal hussars at the rear.
 The mass of Austrian, Hungarian and Auxilliary infantry and some of the Generals.
 More infantry, the artillery train and Feld-jager
 A close up of the artillery and Jager.

I actually have two more battalions ready to base up along with a final Croat unit, a couple of guns and a 12-figure unit of dragoons (they will be the Stabsdragoner regiment) to complete the collection.


  1. A mighty host indeed! I am jealous of your SYW armies, so much so I have decided I must expand mine in order that they look more like an army in future!

  2. A lovely review of your army, they are an very impressive bunch. The Stabsdragoner are a personal favourite for their curious history and uniform, maybe the least flashy in the entire army.

  3. Very good, I especially like the officer and light infantry vignettes!
    Old skool shiny too - right up my street.
    Be good,

  4. A very nice looking display. That's a lot of Croats, each carrying their own cover with them, very handy.

  5. Splendid collection. I do love the old Empire!

  6. Awesome sight of miniatures - marvelous!