Tuesday 9 February 2016

This week's game cloaked in mystery.........as is the soup!

After a great weekend in York where I seem to have spent more than I planned  (just paint, brushes, MDF, a rulebook, and some dice)but did meet lots of old and less old friends and acquaintances (We have a deal; I go to the wargames show and Katherine makes use of the hotel spa/salon) I have another game planned this week. Robbie, John, Dave Jarvis and Mark Dudley will be playing. It will be Seven Years War, and we shall be using Honours of War again. Apart from that I am still very undecided as to which battle to recreate. The next 'big' battle chronologically after Kunersdorf (which was the last battle we played in our odyssey through the SYW) is Leignitz, which would be an interesting challenge no doubt. Or I could hop back in time and do Breslau which I had originally skipped as I reckoned it wouldn't have worked using Black Powder, but should do with HoW. Or do I refight another game previously played with BP, but using HoW? Rossbach or Leuthen spring to mind. Whatever the choice I will be keeping the guys in the dark until they arrive, and I need to crack on and finish some Prussian artillery as I am replacing some of my older and battered existing guns and crews with Black Hussar figures and Westfalia cannon.

The other big question is what kind of soup shall I make?


  1. Colin,
    Just pick a battle where there are no ones allowed or accepted. I hope to be fully fit by Thursday, but still recovering from the lurgy given generously to me by John the Red.

  2. Korbach is a fun little battle. Just switch Austrians for French and Prussians for redcoats

  3. Robbie, hope you recover in time for Thursday, otherwise who will take command of the Austrians and lead them to either victory or defeat?(delete as applicable)