Tuesday 23 August 2016

A few skirmishes to pass the time

Last couple of weeks have been a little quiet gaming wise. Ive not been well enough to attend Claymore or The Other Partizan, which was more than a little depressing as I'd arranged to meet up with a few of my Facebook and AMG buddies. On the plus side, Peter from up the hill has been for a couple of games after a six-month layoff due to work and stuff. The first was an ACW game with Black Powder Glory Halleluja, with a small Confereate covering force holding off the pursuing Union troops after the climactic battle of a couple of weeks ago. The Confederates managed to blunt and even drive back the Union attack, and main Confederate army was able to slip away and regroup further down the Durham Valley. We had a fair bit of wine. Well according to Mrs Carryingsonupthedale we did!

Then last Friday night Peter was here again for a Crimean game, using Black Powder again of course.  Accompanying yet more wine were  a division of Russians (12 btns of infantry, 4 large batteries of artillery and a rifle btn) supported by a cavalry division ( 2 regiments each of Uhlans, Hussars and Cossacks) which were  trying to turn the flank of a Turkish position. The Turks had 8 btns and 2 regiments of cavalry, a couple of guns and an entrenchment occupied by 2 heavy siege guns. There were also some reinforcements available, randomly decided.

The Russians pushed forward quickly and got their artillery into position. they then proceeded to dominate the battlefield, blasting Turkish regiments to oblivion! They also knocked out one of the siege batteries in the entrenchment. The Turkish cavalry tried a futile charge against one brigade of Russians, who were forced to form square. One Russian btn was disordered so the Turks were able to come to grips with them, but despite creating mayhem, they lost the melee, failed their break test and ran off!

Reinforcements now appeared in the shape of the British brigade of guards. They quickly advanced, deployed into line and were able to stem the Russian envelopment of the Turkish right flank. The Russian attack against the entrenchment was faltering in the face of determined Turksh counteattacks. With the stabilising effect of the Guards and the dogged defence by the Turks the Russians lost heart and withdrew. No doubt they shall be back.

Actually they will be back, as this game was meant as a precursor to a game which will hopefully go ahead on Wednesday.

Sorry for the lack of pictures this time but I mislaid the charger for my camera.


  1. You were missed at Claymore and at Partizan, but glad to hear things are on the up. Looking forward to the next ACW extravaganza in the Durham Valley.

  2. hope you're feeling better Colin and that the hobby is helping wioth your recuperation. Of course seeing us all enjoy ourselves at shows probably isn't the best medicine. Take care and see you soon.