Monday 15 August 2016

A new project: Suvarovs Russians v the French in Switzerland

I've long been drawn to war gaming  the French Revolutionary Wars, far more so than to the traditional Napoleonic era, but have until now resisted. I recently re-read my dusty old copy of Duffy's Eagle over the Alps and that was it. Over the past few months I've been planning what I would need/like for each army and where to get them. That done I wondered where on earth I'd get the cash for such relatively large project, but that's another story best left off the pages of this blog in case Mrs Carry on up the Dale reads it!

In the end I just couldn't make my mind up so I ended up buying a fair few figures from Eureka (by far the best and if you can stump up AUS$300 you get free shipping or a 20% discount which goes a long way to offsetting the cost of the figures and the likely outrageous customs charge). A also acquired some Trent Miniatures which are rather lovely, and a regiment of cavalry off Elite Miniatures.

Here is my first completed regiment, namely two battalions of the Smolensk Regiment. I thought the combination of green coats, straw yellow pants and waistcoats and puce facing was particularly repellent but they don't look too bad; in fact I am quite pleased with them as I completed them from start to finish in exactly one week.


  1. This regiment is absolutly gorgeous, congrats!

  2. Thanks Phil. Toying with idea of toning the gloss down a little maybe......

  3. Brill mate, love the period myself - see here:
    A very different gaming period to Naps with just as much colour and variety. I have some Eureka and I do love the figures but find them a little expensive. Do keep going and keep us updated.

  4. Thanks Dave. YEs I follow your blog with interest and extremely jealous of your FRW collection. Not too far away to fix up a game sometime perhaps.

  5. Those Russians are very fine, Colin! I look forward to seeing the project bloom!

  6. Keep the gloss! It makes already lovely figures even more eye-catching.

    Best Regards,


  7. A particularly fine and productive start.

  8. very nice indeed. interesting period. looking forward to watching progress with this.

  9. Hi Colin - sounds a most excellent project. FRW always seemed a most colourful and slightly overlooked period. Keep up the good work cheers

  10. Dear Colin,
    Your idea of making the army of Suvorov is excellent.
    Your figures are very, very beautiful.
    I think the color "Pouce" should be dark red-brown, but it is not important.
    Good job!
    See you soon

  11. HI Colin
    Just reading your blog for the first time, and stumbled across your Suvorov project.Most impressed indeed with your troops and the scenics, very nice indeed.

    I have been slaving away at a Rivoli project for several years, lots of buying and not so much painting. Eureka miniatures and saving for my eventual retirement :)

    However, Duffy and the advent of SP2 spurred me into the Alpine Campaign and the project has moved quicker qs a result. I am hoping that the smaller format and bein able to restrict table space will give a more claustrophobic feel to the games in the passes and on the margins of lakes. I shall watch the future development of your project with interest. Best, Graham