Friday 19 August 2016

More Russians

I finished another battalion of Russians for my Suvarov in the Alps French Revolutionary Wars project yesterday. This time it's a battalion of combined grenadiers, Dendrygin, made up of grenadier companies from the Murmon and Apsheron regiments. 

Again, the figures are Trent Miniatures. I don't know if Russian combined grenadiers carried flags, probably not, but there were plenty of unused 'coloured' flags available (regiments didn't carry them all into battle) that giving the grenadiers a flag certainly brightens them up nicely.

I think I've got the basing to my liking now. The Alpine areas the campaign was fought over in September/October 1799 were pretty rough with lots of loose scree and rocky outcrops and while I might have gone a little OTT with the snow it looks good. Well I think so anyway! There probably ought to be a bit more grass showing through but maybe on the next unit I'll experiment further. 

Almost finished is another battalion of combined grenadiers, Lomonsov (Moscow grenadiers and Yekaterinoslav grenadiers)  and next up are a battalion of the 7th Jäger regiment and two fusilier battalions of the Moscow Grenadier regiment that are primed and base-coated. (In grenadier regiments the term fusilier was used for the men in the battalion companies and only the two grenadier companies were actually called grenadiers). I think I will then do a few Cossacks. In the meantime my mate Stuart is making me some alps and a Devil's Bridge. Can't wait to see them.

Better get some French started I suppose. I also suspect that this project will diversify to include the wider campaign fought over Switzerland so I can get some Russian dragoons and hussars and a few Austrians. 


  1. Like those. Snow effect is good.

  2. Dear Colin,
    your Russians are fantastic!
    The army of Suvorov is a very interesting topic.
    Congratulations, beautiful figures!
    I'm sorry but the Smolensk regiment had red-dark brown color.
    The Pouce not is yellowish green color. I researched the true color years ago.
    I look forward to your other beautiful creations, which are very inspiring for me.
    See you soon

  3. Thanks Simone . You may be right but puce can refer to a greenish yellow as well. Not going to repaint them though 😀

  4. Steaming along there Colin! Time for some French!

  5. Sure Colin,
    your beautiful Smolensk regiment is fine!
    Best regards

  6. Wow! Just outstanding work.