Tuesday 6 September 2016

New editor for MWBG - I know a few people who guessed correctly!

We are pleased to announce that established contributor and well-known wargaming veteran John Treadaway will be taking over command of Miniature Wargames. 
John will continue to offer the same popular mix of hobby articles and wargaming news, along with looking at new and exciting features with a view to making the magazine even better than before.
From the November Issue (on sale 21st October) we will also be redesigning the magazine with a fresh and exciting new look, which will also include a brand new 16-page section covering all things fantasy and sci-fi. 
This is an additional section and will not detract/impact on your regular historical content. Even more content and all for the same price!

We shall see.


  1. 16 pages of gnome bothering? No thanks!

  2. Magazines are none too cheap, and I already get the WSS and WI. I had been thinking of dropping WI as it had become too much gloss and not enough substance, but I'm not going to pay for extra spikey content. To quote that awful Dragons Den programmed...MW...I'm out!

  3. Yes, I am also kind of disappointed by Henry's departure although I understand his position. I recognize John Treadway's name, but am not really up for 16 pp. of fantasy/sci-fi right smack in the middle of MW. Aren't there other publications still in existence catering to that particular market? It strikes me the Warners is trying to make MW be all things to all people, which, given the apparent state of print media in the face of the internet and digital world of the last 20 years, does not exactly make sense. At least to me.

    Best Regards,


  4. Having read John's comments to some of the posts on this Facebook announcement I'm willing to give the magazine a chance. I'm not keen on the idea of the 16 page supplement either but john has stated that the remainder of the magazine will remain largely unchanged. Editors always have their own stamp on a publication and I suspect that john will be no different. But give the guy a chance. afterall an Editor can only publish what he is sent.

  5. I'll certainly give it a go though I'm deeply unimpressed with the Dwarf fiddlng ghetto - especially as it may be dominated by one companies product. However Treads is a reasonable chap and knows his stuff. A lot of this will be about how well Treads copes with the Warners office politics. Some of their people are not the most efficient I've ever encountered.
    As an advertiser I'm not jumping ship just yet I want to see how it developes.
    As a sometime contributor again we'll wait and see. I had articles in the pipline don't yet know if that is still the case.

  6. I am going to give the new arrangemementos the benefit of the doubt. Like I have any choice of course. I only renewed my subscription a couple of months ago so I shall continue reading. :-)

  7. Colin,
    Can I claim my prize for predicting that John Treadaway becomes editor, iyt just shows you that reading about the Borgias was some use after all.

  8. Indeed Treads is a good guy and has been around the block for more years than I care to remember. But, he is and has always, been from the fantasy/Sci Fi stable. Coupled with 16 pages of non historical wargaming thats a magazine that I will not be getting.