Thursday 22 September 2016

Two trips to look forward to and a FRW update

Yesterday I booked a few days next month in Lisbon for Mrs Carrryingsonpthedale and me. She has family there and she also has other family links going back to the Napoleonic Wars when her great, great, etc grandfather was a physician attached to the Portuguese army. His family settled there after the war and they are all buried in the English Cemetery in Lisbon. It'll be nice to put photos of their graves on Katherine's family tree which I've been working on since about 2012.

I have also booked a long weekend in Antwerp that just happens to coincide with Crisis 2016. What chance of that happening, eh? I am really looking forward to it.

No game this week as family and a busy life have intervened but back to normal next week. I do have two more battalions of French almost finished (just the basing to complete) and six more very close to completion. I did farm out some infantry and cavalry to be painted for me and 24 Austrian Cheveaulegers and 24 French Chasseurs a Cheval should be with me by the end of the month. I really must get on with finishing my remaining Russians and getting the artillery and generals for both sides started. And lots of Cossacks! Lots and lots!

Speaking of artillery, I picked up some mdf guns, limbers and caissons off Warbases. I've put the them together and they're great. Once painted I shall post a few pictures. I just need some mountain guns for the Russians now!


  1. Glad you will get to Crisis, Colin, having missed Claymore. I think you should buy something new, as you've not added much to the Lead Pile of late! Tell Mrs Carryingsonupthedale I said it was OK,

  2. Thanks David. Hopefully I won't have to seek permission!

  3. Well, if you do, you can quote me freely!