Tuesday 11 October 2016

Another game tomorrow.

Conrad is dropping by tomorrow for a game. He asked if we could so something from the Pike and Shot era so as I've not had them out for a while I am in the process of setting up a game using my 1672-78 French-Dutch War collection. Now, both armies are made up of just whatever units caught my eye (the pikemen almost literally) so probably bear little resemblance to the real armies' composition, but who knows actually as there's very little available in English about the war, although I do have a good account of the Battle of Senaffe. (Battle begging to be fought).

Anyway my Dutch have support in the shape of allied Germans from Celle/Luneberg, cavalry from the Holy Roman Empire, a Scots battalion and a while brigade of Spanish. Louis' army has the usual Maison du Roi hoards, some steady French infantry supported by the usual conglomeration of Swiss, Germans and even an English (ok, also Scots) battalion.

The French are going to be tasked with holding both bridges, the road junction and the town, thus preventing the Dutch from interrupting their main supply route to their army engaged in operations around Celle. The Dutch obviously have to capture these points and beat the French back in such a manner that a repeat performance will be highly unnecessary. The sides are pretty evenly matched although the French are slightly better man-for-man, as if that ever made a difference. We shall be using Warlord Games Pike and Shot suitable tweaked as Conrad has never played Impetus Baroque and they take a bit of getting used to.

I love these armies to bits and am looking forward to the game tomorrow as they are always so incredibly frustrating yet so much fun.


  1. Colin I hope your game goes well. Any chance you could answer my question on your 06 Oct post please ? Many thanks

  2. Hi Julian, missed it. 100mm ovals from Warbases.