Thursday 6 October 2016

The French are massing for my Suvorov in the Alps project. The troops on parade!

Well, as mentioned in the previous post, the infantry component of my French army for this project is almost complete. The cavalry still need bringing up to strength and I need to start some artillery and commanders. Here are a few photos of the French infantry.

 Top Two: The Corps on parade, waiting for its cavalry, artillery and commanders.
 14th Demi-Brigade Legere in their distinctive mirleton headgear. (Trent Minis)
 French infantry (Trent Minis)
 A French light battalion wearing the hated tarletan cap which was probably just about phased out by 1799 but they look cool and the Eureka miniatures are superb.

 Two more of the 14th DBL.

 More Frenchies.

 Two battalions of combined grenadier companies. (A mix of Elite and Trent).
 Skirmishers for one of the demo-brigades.
 Two with one shot! Well done that man!
 14th DBL again!

Well, thats it. I'm very pleased with this lot. I'm hoping to get a game organised before or over the Christmas holidays, maybe a bit sooner. I want to end up with 12-14 French battalions plus skirmishers which will represent four demi-brigades (one a demi-brigade legere) which will be supported by a weak cavalry brigade and a couple of batteries of artillery.


  1. Very nice job, love your skirmishers!

  2. Lovely looking display of painted French figures! I like the flocking of bases too!...


  3. A splendid array of figures, sir.

  4. Building up nicely , and look good too

  5. They are coming along at a good pace Colin, look good to 👍

  6. A little light painting did I say? Do you have painting elves or just not eat and sleep? Seriously they look the dogs whatnots! I'm most impressed. In the same time I've painted 6 Light Infantry and a 4lb gun and three crew.

  7. Beautiful figures Colin, I do like Trent minis, trouble is you need a second mortgage to buy any of the blighters!

  8. really enjoyed seeing these. Great basing as well.

  9. Thanks guys. I did have a little help to get this lot started and I've sent the cavalry off to be painted as I hate painting cavalry.