Monday 16 January 2017

French Heavy Cavalry: French Revolutionary War 1799 Project

Now, I know that there were no French heavy cavalry involved in attempting to stop Suvorov in Switzerland in 1799 but I don't care. These three squadrons will do for the undoubted expansion of this little project into the Italian campaign of 1799 (Trebbia, Novi etc.) or even to the abortive Anglo-Russian campaign in Flanders in 1799.  The figures are all Trent Miniatures and although on the chunky side I do rather like them. Easy to paint too. 

The top and bottom photos show two squadrons of heavy cavalry from different regiments. I am organising my French mounted troops as mainly single squadron regiments, mainly to reflect the poor state of French revolutionary cavalry regiments and also so I can have a little variety. The middle photo is of the 8th Cavalry, the only regiment of heavy cavalry to wear a cuirass at this time.


  1. Yes - I like them, nice additions. I think the proprtions look good.

  2. Grand additions to the collection! I see the period has gripped your enthusiasm as it has mine. I'm looking forward to our summer FRWfest!

  3. Outstanding work, truly beautifully done. A nice addition to your army.