Monday 19 February 2018

Grey's West Indies Campaign of 1794

I pre-ordered this from Helion some time ago and last week was pleased to find this waiting for me. I've just skimmed through the book so far but it looks great, providing a detailed blow by blow account of this rather  obscure and ill-fated campaign in the early Revolutionary Wars. The book covers the whole campaign, which was in effect a series of raids conducted in the main by converged flank company battalions (grenadiers and lights) who bore the brunt of the hard fighting.

The invasions of Martinique, St Lucia and Guadeloupe were led by Sir Charles Grey, a gentlemanly and unusually for his time aggressive commander. That the campaign ultimately failed was more down to losses to fever and a lack of support from Horseguards to pursue the campaign effectively.

Overall, this is a great addition to my library and one I would recommend highly. However, the danger now is that I shall have to buy some figures suitable for gaming the campaign in 28mm. Oh well.....


  1. I've been curious about this title Colin. I've read a bit about some of the campaign but not a complete history. In most histories it appears as a cautionary tale about throwing away your army over a few sugar islands.

    1. Ps looking forward to seeing you do this on table!

    2. Thanks Peter, I could almost do it now. Just need some more suitable terrain and some militia types.

      As for the real campaign, sickness was a real killer. Out of around 6500 men who were landed in February 1794, by December of that year over two thirds were dead!