Tuesday 6 February 2018

Inventory Part III: American Revolutionary War

This post was lurking in my drafts folder for at least two years, maybe more, but here it is, as it was writ back then.

Even though firmly on the back-burner for the past couple of years, I had long wanted to build up AWI forces, so when the chance came in around 2010 to pick up some Foundry figures when one of their 20%-off sales was on I couldn't resist. I then switched to Perry for the bulk of the remainder of the Crown and Revolutionary forces (you can't really say British and Americans as they were all technically British......mmmm? Except the Hessians.......and Native Americans....and French....and Spanish, etc). Most of my Hessians are actually ancient Hinchliffe and Front Rank, purchased painted off eBay and rebased/touched up. A bargain they were too at about £2 a figure, and thats painted!

This has always been one of my favourite periods but previous wargaming experiences had left me disappointed with the outcome of the games, and indeed one campaign at the Durham club 30+ years ago saw the Crown forces well and truly stomped almost from the outset.

It took about 18 months to bring these armies up to full (?) strength but they've been used in a fair few games over the years. As well as fictional engagements I've refought, among others, Camden, Cowpens, Guilford Courthouse (several times), both parts of Brandywine, Newport and Weizels Mill, all using Black Powder rules although a couple of earlier fictional games were with British Grenadier (a bit slow and clunky for my taste but great scenario books!). Its been quite a while since I've had this lot out on the table but they will get an outing in the new place.

Like I say, most are Perry/Foundry but I do have stuff from other manufacturers as well. The key is as follows: Perry (P); Foundry (F); Front Rank (FR); Old Glory (OG); Perry Plastics (PP); Hinchliffe (H).

British & Loyalist:

1 x 9 16th Light Dragoons plus 6 dismounted dragoons (P)
2 x 6 17th Light Dragoons (P)
1 x 18 Tarleton's Legion Light Dragoons (P)
1 x 6 Queen's Rangers Hussars (P)
(45 + 6)

2 x 36 British Grenadier battalions (WF/P)
2 x 36 Light Infantry battalions (P)
2 x 30 Guards battalions (P)
1 x 12 Guards Light Companies (P)
2 x 30 Highland battalions (71st Foot) (P)
2 x 24 Highland battalions (42nd, 79th Foot) (FR)
4 x 30 Line Infantry battalions  (17th, 23rd, 33rd & 63rd Foot) (P)
1 x 24 Volunteers of Ireland (F)
1 x 24 Tarleton's British Legion infantry (OG)
1 x 24 Queen's Rangers (P)
1 x 12 Queen's Rangers skirmishers (P)
1 x 24 'generic' Loyalist battalion (OG)
1 x 12 Indian skirmishers (P)

2 x Heavy guns, limbers and crews (F/P)
6 x Guns/howitzers and crews (F/FR/P)
1 x Queens Rangers Amusette (P)
6 drag-rope men (P)

1 x 12 Hessian Jager (P)
1 x 24 Hessian Line (von Bose) (P)
3 x 30 Hessian Line (H)
1 x 24 Hessian Grenadiers (P)
1 x 30 Hessian Grenadiers (FR)
1 x 24 Hessian Grenadiers (H)
2 x 30 Hessian Fusiliers (FR/H)
1 x light gun and crew (P)

Revolutionary Forces:

1 x 6 Lee's Legion Dragoons (OG)
1 x 6 2nd Continental Dragoons (F)
1 x 6 Armand's Legion Dragoons (F)
1 x 10 Mounted Militia Rifles (P)

5 x 12 Riflemen/skirmishers (P)
12 x 24 Continental Line (P/F)
12 x 24 Militia (P/F)
1 x 6 Lee's Legion infantry (P)
1 x 6 Armand's Legion infantry (P)

1 x Heavy gun, limber and crews (P/F)
5 x Guns/howitzers and crews (P/F)
3 x Grasshopper guns and crews/limbers (F)

Together with numerous generals and vignettes and the gunners thats about 1600 figures. Yikes!

 I don't actually have any full units waiting to be painted in the drawer of doom, just a few odds and ends.  Aaargh! I lie! I do have some more Indians to do and quite a few civilians should I ever get round to putting my Drums Along the Mohawk scenario together one day, but perhaps only a couple of weeks work in total. The trouble is, when? I have no intention of adding any French or Spanish to the mix until such time as there is a suitable window in my painting/gaming schedule. Now I've sold all my ACW figures these guys are going to be the sole users of my collection of American terrain and buildings.


  1. A most beautiful collection that you should be proud of. Great looking figures. I hope you will be doing some more American Rev War battles in the future. Would love to see more of the collection.

  2. Thanks Mark. Once I get shifted to the new place I have something in mind.

  3. An impressive collection in both and quantity and quality.
    Well done!

  4. What else is lurking in the depths to tantalise?

    1. I shall be doing more inventory posts as I get closer to packing up and moving.......