Wednesday 16 May 2018

Crossing the Trebbia, 17-19 June 1799

Tomorrow Paul is coming over and we shall be refighting the Battle of Trebbia, 17-19 June 1799, when an Austro-Russian army successfully crossed the River Trebbia and attacked  and defeated a French army under General MacDonald. Well, my version anyway, as I shall be compressing the three days of fighting into just one.

The great Russian Marshal Suvorov commands a combined Austro-Russian army against a French Republican force under General MacDonald. Both sides are roughly equal. Both sides have attack orders. It ought to be fun. I'm using Black Powder with some house rules to give them more of a FRW flavour. The sides have been scaled down on roughly a 1:3 basis, with wiggle room to allow for what I actually have in my collection.


Commander in Chief: Marshall Alexander Vasilyevich Suvarov (10)

 Left  Column: Major-General Pyotr Bagration (9)

Russian Jager btn x 1 
Russian Grenadier btns x 3
Russian Musketeer btns x 2
Cossacks x 1 regiment
Austrian Dragoons x 1 regiment
Russian Artillery – 2 x 12pdr, 1 x Howitzer

Central Column: Lt-General Forster (8)

Russian Musketeer btns x 4
Cossacks x 1 regiment
Austrian Dragoons x 1 regiment
Austrian Artillery – 3 x 6pdr

Right Column: Gen Der Kavellerie Michael Frederich Benedikt Baron von Melas (7)

General-Lt Peter Karl Ott von Bátorkéz (9)

Austrian Infantry x 4 btns
Grenzers x 1 btn
Croat Skirmishers x 1 btn
D’Aspres Jager x 1 btn (2 small units)
Austrian Hussars  x 1 regiment
Austrian Artillery – 3 x 12pdrs

Reserve: General-Lt Michael, Freiherr von Frolich (7)
Combined Grenadiers x 2

Melas will act as CinC for the Austrian right hand column and the reserve. Suvorov can intervene if necessary but he will have his hands full.


Commander in Chief: General Jacques  Joseph Alexandre MacDonald (6)
low rating as he was ill suffering from wounds received less than a week beforehand

General Francois Watrin (8)

Demi-Brigades x 1 (3 btns)
Chasseurs a Cheval x 1 regt 
Artillery – 1 x 4pdr horse gun

General Olivier Rivaud de la Rafiniere (7)

Demi-Brigades  x 1
Chasseurs a Cheval x 1 regt
Artillery – 2 x 4pdr horse gun

General Helie Desire Perruquet de Montrichard (8)

Demi-Brigades x 1
Lombard Legion x 2
Heavy Cavalry x 1 regt
Lombard Hussars x 1 sqdn
Lombard Artillery – 1 x 4pdr

General Claude Victor-Perrin (9)
Demi-Brigades x 1 VETERAN
Dragoon x 1 regt
Polish Legion x 1 btn VETERAN
Polish Artillery – 1 x 4pdr
Helvetic Legion x 1 btn VETERAN
Artillery – 3 x 8pdr



  1. Looking forward to your version of Trebbia.

  2. Sounds wonderful Colin. I hope that both yourself and Paul have a cracking time.