Saturday 30 June 2018

Wild Geese weekend goodies

I picked up quite a few gifts and I have to admit purchases at our Kenilworth weekend of gaming. First up, each of us was presented with a painted French SYW officer by Willz. Tony gave me  battalion of 24 Prussian grenadiers for 1806. Paul very kindly gave me a beautifully painted Prussian SYW vignette. My game also won the  ‘best looking game’, winning one of Chris Greggs lovely painting of a Wild Geese of Bulckley’s regiment in the War of the Austrian Succession. Finally the guys bought me a book about the real Wild Geese, which they all signed (the guys not the Geese).

Here is a link to a video of the weekend.

I managed to buy at very reasonable prices a couple more paintings from Chris, a job lot of unpainted late 17th century figures off Graham and several painted units of Renaissance Polish infantry and dragoons which will fill a gap in my army nicely off Paul.

Prussian 1806 Grenadiers off Tony Dillon
My prize for 'best looking game' donated by Chris Gregg
I just had to buy yet another Hussarette!
This is another of Chris' paintings, this time depicting Saxon Uhlans following the Prussians after their defeat at Colin on 18 June 1757. 
The Prussian vignette kindly given to me by Paul Robinson.

Willz Harley painted one of these for each of us.
My gift from all the guys for organising the event.
Just a few Poles to add to my existing army.
Late 17th Century figures. Already made a start on one battalion.

In return I commissioned a Wild Geese Wargames Group 2018 commemorative mug for everyone who attended. (Artwork by Chris Gregg).

I hope I've not forgotten anybody, but thanks to everyone.


  1. Splendid posters and figures!

  2. A more than decent haul there Colin!

  3. More evidence of a very successful weekend...

    All the best. Aly

  4. Don't know how I missed this at the time Colin. I just found it on a Google search of my art - thanks for the great photos.