Monday 6 August 2018

From Reason to Revolution: The Saxon Army 1733-63

I've always had a soft spot for the Saxons. The War of the Polish Succession where the Elector was crowned King of Poland, supporting the Prussians during the 1st Silesian War then switching sides to the Austrians for the 2nd, they were then overrun at the start of the Seven Years War and the army impressed en masse into the Prussian army, what's not to like? This volume covers the staff and cavalry of a well trained and very colourful army, and has chapters on the campaigns, the commanders and the troops. The latter are broken down into detailed sections on the ceremonial troops, the guard and line cavalry (cuirassiers, dragoons, chevea leger). There is also a very informative chapter on the Polish uhlans, some of whom fought alongside the main Saxon army during their wars for and against the Prussians. All in all I have to say that while I have a fair bit of information on the subject from other authors and online sources, this was still an interesting and informative read. The colour plates in the centre of the book are very nice, but maybe less emphasis on the 'guard' elements would have been better, and the rest of the book is copiously illustrated with b&w photos and perhaps not enough maps. Well worth the money for 18th C military enthusiasts. Roll on vol.2.

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  1. Colin,
    I picked this up on release and agree wholeheartedly with your comments. Still a very useful resource.