Saturday 25 August 2018

Zorndorf today.

Saturday is the 260th anniversary of the battle of Zorndorf, fought between the Prussians of Frederick the Great and the Russian army. This was the first time Frederick has personally  encountered  the Russians and the real battle ended in a bloody stalemate.

We're refighting the game today, and for a bit of fun I'm using the photos below to brief the players and to help them plan for the battle INSTEAD of giving them sight of the tabletop or anything other than very rudimentary maps (no maps at all for the Russians unless they brought their own Michelin Guide to Prussia). The top four pictures show the Prussian army deployed ready to attack, as seen from the Russian lines at almost tabletop height.

The Prussian left
The Prussian centre
The burning village of Zorndorf

The Prussian right

The next five pictures show the Russian lines from the perspective of the attacking Prussians.
The Russian left
A mass of Russian infantry stretching from the left flank to behind the wood.
Russians lurking behind the wooded area in their centre.
Lots of Russians in the centre.
The Russian right wing.
 Different yes. Will it work? Maybe. We shall see. Bacon butties will be available from 09:30 followed by commencement of hostilities at 10:00/10:30. A full report will follow over the course of the weekend.


  1. Great idea Colin, the burning village looks particularly effective. Good luck with the game.

  2. Clever idea using the photos for the pre game briefing Colin....will be interesting to see what the competing generals make of them and how well they can formulate their plans...

  3. Very moody pics Colin. I shall look forward to seeing the game unfold.

  4. Looks good, and looking forward to the game.

  5. I think that's a great idea! Certainly gives you a feel for what the commanders on the ground would have seen, rather than our normal helicopter view. Have a great game and I look forward to the AAR.

  6. That is a brilliant game setup, both for the preparation of the table and for the "here is what you see". The burning village is a stunning sight.

  7. Lovely photos Colin, and even for a vegetarian the idea of Burrow Bacon Butties is very appealing. Wish I was there! Look forward to reading more.

  8. Looks fantastic. And we all know an army marches on bacon butties.