Monday 20 August 2018

The Other Partizan 19 August 2018

Sunday saw us (Katherine my intrepid driver/wife/carer and I) pop down to Newark for 'The Other Partizan.' At only a little over an hour and a half door to door now we have moved to Teesside it is a far more attractive proposition than many other shows. We parted company as soon as we had driven around the Vegan Cook Out campers and parked the car (right outside the main entrance) so Katherine could do some work while sitting in the comfort (?) of the canteen area. (She does website design if anyone interested). I had my meagre (hahahaha!) shopping list and a list of pre-orders (which don't count as money has already changed hands) together with a large consignment of figures to collect that my mate Barry had painted for me.

In no particular order here are a few photos of some of the games. I took almost 100 photos and still missed most of demonstration games and all of the participation ones but these are a very random sample of the many games that I had reason to stop at, chat to the players and generally admire (or not) the layout and figures.

My favourites were the Sands of the Sudan (Dave Docherty), Gadesbusch from the Great Northern War (Like a Stone Wall) and Magnesia (Simon Miller). If I was to wholly honest Ian Smith's 40mm ACW game, complete with gunboat and fortress was inspirational in many ways, and getting the terrain built professionally clearly lifts the game to another level, but seeing it in the flesh was almost a bit of an anti-climax. Odd.  (Ian, if you're going to trash it all when you're done can I have some of the fortress guns please?)

As always the best bit of the show was the food. No. I jest. I really do. As usual it was the meeting up with lots of friends and acquaintances for a chat and to discuss our wonderful hobby that made the trip worthwhile. The show seemed a little quieter than the May Partizan but that may have been an illusion or the drugs. Well done the organisers, and I'm looking forward to Partizan 2019.


  1. Thank you for all the nice pics Colin. Almost better than being there - avoid the noise and expense :-)

  2. great photos Colin, the real feel of almost being there....
    Very nice phalanx that!

  3. A couple of nice looking games here - you have already mentioned the ACW, although the fortress looks decidedly "un American" to me - and I also like the look of the "Blackhawk Down" type game and the Colonial stoush too!

  4. Great photos Colin. It was a great show. I will certainly go again next year.

  5. Some grand photos there. Good to catch up with you too.

  6. Hi Colin, it was very nice to meet up at last! Best, Simon

  7. Wonderful looking photos Colin and quire a collection of great looking games. It seems to me that if a chap from my old ah wanted to see the best of the British Wargaming shows on the calendar then either Partizan is the way to go over Salute etc. Would you agree?

    1. Yes , it’s a finger show, upgraded by a move to the new venue

  8. Thanks Colin.. I must bring the desert to your bunker ! There were indeed some cracking games ..

  9. Thanks for all the pics, from across the ocean I will never get to those British conventions and so I at least can enjoy the visuals. Only thing I do wish is maybe at least one line captions as to what battle or game I'm seeing? But then that makes more work for you!