Monday 7 October 2019

The kindness of others......

A couple of weeks ago I received an unexpected email off a stranger asking for my address so their dad could send me some unwanted figures. The father is a follower on this blog and thought these Sikh Wars irregulars would have a good home in The Burrow.  A few days later 40 very nicely painted Foundry figures dropped onto my doorstep.  What a great gift from a complete stranger! I've just finished rebasing them and have added a few flags so they shall be joining the Sikh forces immediately. Generosity among wargamers has always been a strong feature of the hobby and this is just another perfect example. Thank you so much John.


  1. This a terrific gesture. Well Done!

  2. My club feels the same way, and in fact has made it a yearly gesture. At the largest convention on the U.S. East Coast (Historicon) we give 4-6 complete game sets to kids. Each set includes 2 complete, painted opposing armies, terrain, rules, and dice. Our subjects over the past few years have been 40mm ACW Skirmish, 20mm WWII, 15mm Ancients, and 25mm Medievals. We put out the word as to what we're doing about a year in advance, in hopes that what we already have will be enlarged by donations from hobbyists and even vendors sometimes. We've never been let down yet!

    Best regards,

    Chris Johnson