Sunday 27 October 2019

FIASCO Leeds 2019

I’ve not been to this show for a few years for a number of reasons, one being its closeness to Crisis, a trip we’ve made for the past four years. I had been looking forward to a game this weekend (hosted by the Like a Stonewall lads) but that was cancelled for unforeseen reasons and we’d decided not to bother with Crisis and further exploration of Holland and Belgium this year. So instead my long suffering wife took me down to the Royal Armouries, just over an hour away.

These are the only two games (In MY opinion) that were worth a photograph. The remainder were just not my cup of tea, or were boutique-style games or sci-fi/fantasy which don’t float my boat at all. The hall wasn't all that well lit either.  The verdict on the games was therefore one of ‘could do better’ or ‘requires improvement’ with the exception of the two pictured. I don’t actually recall the group behind the WW2 game but the 28mm Napoleonic one was by the Ilkley Lads (James Roach et al). The figures were gorgeously painted to a very high standard indeed.

The hall was pretty busy the whole time I was there, with plenty of punters flocking round the usual eclectic range of traders who seemed to be doing a brisk trade. I genuinely didn’t have a shopping list but I did have some pre-ordered bases to pick up off Warbases and a box of 28mm Revolutionary Wars French and Austrian cavalry of Nick from Eureka Miniatures UK. Apart from that I met up with Tim, Barry and more of the lads from Like a Stone Wall, bumped into a couple of other people I knew and spoke to a number of traders.

We left about 1.30 and were home an hour later, which probably speaks volumes about the quality of the event as a whole. It was a pleasant morning out, but if it hadn’t been for me arranging to catch up with numerous fellow spirits I’d have been in and out much faster as there was nothing to hold me there in any of the games (with the exception of the two pictured) as they were rather dull.

My next show is Battleground in Stockton on 30 November,  which is 5 minutes from our house. We ( the Burrowers) are putting a demo game on of which more later.


  1. Phil and I crossed this one off the list a while back, simply not worth the journey for us.

    1. More and more shows are becoming not worth the journey these days, even those within an hour of our house, with the exception of the excellent Battleground in Stockton.

  2. Hi, the WW2 Tunisian game was put on by Legendary Wargames.
    We run Holiday weekends in Yorkshire ‘In the Grand Manner’.
    Thanks for the lovely comments .