Wednesday 13 November 2019

More Bengal Native Infantry

The top picture shows the 2nd Bengal Native Infantry (Grenadiers). The unit is a right old Bertie Bassett. Most of the Sepoys are Studio Miniatures that I had lying arou d. The rest are Old Glory and there's even a Tradition of London officer.

I also finished another command base for one of the three cavalry brigades I'm fielding for Ferozeshah. The brigadier is uniformed as a Bengal Native Cavalry officer  in 'undress' accompanied by a European cornet from the Governor General's Bodyguard.

Now back to some limbers and stuff.


  1. What ever their provenance they look great. I had to get google translator going on Bertie Bassett, the equivalent North American term would be Heinz 57! My wife loves licorice all sorts, but I have an anaphylactic reaction to them so it's not surprising that I'm unaware of Bertie.

  2. Splendid troops, and flags!

  3. Looking forward to seeing these in a couple of weeks time.

  4. Grand additions to the project!