Sunday 24 November 2019

On the wagon........Sikh Wars Vignette.

I do like (allegedly) wasting my time with displacement activities when I have something else I really, really need to get finished.  Otherwise my rapidly clouding immagination would be left to completely fog over when I could be making something as pointless as this. It is entitled "I say you men, stand guard over this broken down wagon full of gin until I can find a man who can fix us a new wheel and a pair of oxen, and get those chaps under control! Are they drunk?” The wagon is something I picked up I know not where (Alternative Armies maybe?) while the figures are Sikh Wars spares from the bits box, a mix of Foundry and Old Glory.The guy on the horse is a 1st Corps Cape Wars British officer. I’m sure it’ll look just the part on the table when I next run a Sikh Wars game, which will be next Saturday 30 November at the Battleground show in Stockton.


  1. Cracking job on this vignette, the wagon adds a lot...

  2. Not a waste of time at all. I am sure it will make a great conversation piece at Battleground