Sunday 30 January 2022

War of 1812 The Battle of the Grape River

I’m very late in posting this AAR but, this fictitious battle set in the War of 1812 was conceived and played out to a conclusion over a week ago, last Saturday here at the Burrow. The British objectives were to capture both bridges, the redoubt and the block house to support a landing in force from the naval squadron on Lake Misnomer. Victory would secure the southern shore of the lake for the Anglo-Canadians and thus the lake itself from yet more American aggression. Of course the Americans would say they were holding the lakeside to prevent any such incursion by the redcoats. This was in order that sufficient forces could be assembled to wrestle control of the lake from said redcoats and cross it to invade Upper Canada. Conrad, Neil and Nigel (CinC) were the Americans, and they faced initially just Paul and Dave, to be joined once the fridge man had been and done his stuff, by John.

British on the right.

Now, I probably have more troops available than did either side in this war, but with a figure scale of 1:10 I can comfortably get away with it. I actually have half a dozen more units to finish off, mainly Americans, plus several sloops, brigs, gunboats and the like should I wish to do some 28mm naval gaming! I must have bought them for some reason. One day……. 

From the other end of the table.
The British advance guard of combined militia flank companies, the Canadian Voltigeurs and 1st Nations pushes ahead almost to the bridge. 

In the centre the Americans cross the river and take on the British ensconced in the central wood.

1st Nations troops with a contingent of Caldwell's Western Rangers in support at 'the family plot'.

Regulars crossing the river in the face of stubborn resistance from the NY Militia brigade.
British regulars crossing the river above the second bridge.

Kentucky mounted Rifles on the extreme right flank chased these 1st Nations into the farm. The Americans were driven off once but a second time with a fresh unit they destroyed the native warriors.

US regulars brigade in the centre.
The American right above the large bridge. With the exception of a few skirmishers the British have moved off towards the lakeside.

The US extreme right wing. Mounted Rifles, militia infantry and militia dragoons supported by a troop of regular US dragoons.

In the centre the British are pressing the Americans back, slowly gaining the upper hand.

American reserves from the extreme right, much needed regulars.
Meanwhile, John had arrived so the British reinforcements did also, in the shape of a  landing on the lakeside.
One large oared gunboat with a 32pdr carronade in the bows. 

HM Sloop of War Doright

Marines and regular infantry advance towards the militia brigade under Conrad. 

The Americans are initially successful in holding the British but their entire brigade chose that moment to become spent! They had to withdraw.
It took several attempts to capture the battery, held by men of the US Navy. They were finally overrun. by HM 1st Foot.
Canadian Select Militia flank companies occupy the farm while the Kentucky Mounted Rifles mill about not sure what to do. 

US militia and regular cavalry form a rearguard with the collapse of the centre and the absence of further American reinforcements.
The Royal Marines break the NY Militia.

The  American army was under pressure, and with two broken brigades and the loss of the redoubt (and shortly the blockhouse), they were forced to give ground and pull back, leaving the field to the British.

Another great game. The British were afflicted by a serious run of '6's' when being shot at which slowed them down a fair bit, but in the end they were able to bring their marginally superior quality troops to bear.


  1. What a splendid looking game Colin! And quite unexpected too.

  2. Wonderful looking game, both the terrain and the miniatures.