Saturday 5 February 2022

Something new for 2022

I’m not a big WW2 wargaming fan, certainly nothing beyond 1940 and ideally not mainstream. That said, for as long as I can remember (sometimes as far back as the day before yesterday) I’ve had a smouldering interest in the Winter War 1939-1940 between Soviet Russia and the Finns, and by extension with the Continuation War 1941-1944.

I’ve also been infected by the 1/72 scale bug recently so when looking for a new project for 2022 the Winter War won hands down; all those other ideas will have to wait. One of my favourite movies on Amazon Prime is The Winter War, a Finnish production, which is really very good indeed. Added to this we have The Unknown Soldier (another cracking film, an adaptation of a classic of Finnish literature) and 1944 The Final Defence, both of which cover the Continuation War, the latter in a semi docu-drama format.

Anyways, I decided to start with the Winter War, and found some Strelets Finn and Soviet infantry to get me going. I found some stuff on eBay which helped pad out the Finns with some resin cast ski troops amongst other bits. I then realised Tumbling Dice produce some 1/72 Soviets in greatcoats and shlem caps (the pointy ones with the red star on the front). Then, almost by accident I came across another company, 1/72 Miniatures, who produce a great selection of Finns and Soviets for the Winter War. 

1/72 Miniatures Soviet command set
1/72 Miniatures Soviet infantry. These are resin.

1/72 Miniatures Soviet LMG and SMGs

1/72 miniatures - resin Finnish infantry on skis pulled by reindeer, who have separately cast antlers for you to stick on!

Although set in 1941-44 this is a superb piece of entertainment.  Lots of ideas in the terrain department as well…..
For all Stug lovers everywhere. More docudrama than strictly fiction, but  highly enjoyable.

Here’s a few of the things I’ve managed to complete so far. A right old mash up of manufacturers and way too many tanks, but it gives me options…..
The sum total of the Finnish armoured contingent, a pair of old machine gun armed FT17s of WW1 vintage and a sole Vickers 6 ton tank. 

A company of Soviet T26 light tanks from various sources, including a couple of 3D printed versions.

Finnish machine gun team. These are resin 3D prints rescaled from 28mm to 1/72

The T26 company again.

Another 3D resin print rescaled to 1/72 is this Finnish sniper.

These are resin 3d prints of Finnish pack reindeer. 

Three platoons of Soviet infantry plus headquarter elements. All to be based. 

Another Finnish sniper. 

BA-6 Armoured cars

A platoon of Russian infantry.
I’ve planned to raise a company of Finns with supporting weaponry, facing at least two if not three companies of Russian infantry, plus armour. I’m working on the remaining vehicles and AFVs at the moment so might get them posted here in a few days. Then it’s back to the infantry and an aeroplane or two……


  1. An impressive start to a new project 👍

  2. Great figs, and those movies all sound intersting. I watched the Uknown solder last week. Great film But I can not seem to find the other two on Prime. Might be country locked.

  3. Fascinating period. I really look forward to seeing this grow…

  4. A nice start to the project. The first conflict has some interesting smaller scale battles and skirmishes, but a lot of the attacks by the Russians are rather reminiscent of WWI and trench warfare.

    I watched a film recently and found out the just before Estonia was taken over by Russia, they had managed to steal the Red Army code books and so the Finns could read their communications with relative ease.

    I've watched some of these films in parts but must make a concerted effort to finish them (no pun intended!).

  5. Off to a flying start, you'll soon be finished! Like the pack reindeers!

  6. The winter war is a nice, not overlarge self contained project between two very tough antagonists. A good 'war gamers' war, methinks.