Friday 3 June 2022

Fall of France 1940 using Iron Cross

Last Saturday (which seems a long time ago) it was the Fall of France here in the Burrow, or at least a small 1/72 representation of a small part of it. Equal points (1,000 each) of Germans v a Franco-BEF force in an encounter battle fought over a crossroads and three railway bridges.

My friends Tim, Barry and James from the Like a Stonewall Group came up for the game; indeed Tim brought all the figures and some terrain as well. John joined us for this brutal little game. I was the French, James the BEF and between us we made a great job of helping France fall, and the others were the Germans. Tim sort of umpires but also took some Germans to push about the table. The figures, buildings and railway line were Tim’s and the rest was mine. Almost all the vehicles and buildings were 3D prints produced by one of the LaSW lads.

I was so engrossed in the game I both neglected to take many photos and lost track of events as the pressure on the Allies mounted. So, in time honoured fashion here are some photos of the heroic defence attempt by the Allies against the Bosch onslaught. 

The calm before the storm.
Both sides arrive on the table. Cat takes up residence in the bushes!

The French started on the table. I began feeding my tanks around the wood to cover my men attacking the crossroads.

The Bosche heavy hitter arrives.

I managed to destroy a PzI early in the game.

My main arrack was aimed at taking the wooded area and then move on to the village. Infantry first supported by my armour.

The BEF arrive.

My contribution was these two die cast Somua tanks. They were both destroyed in fairly short order by some good shooting from the German right.

This Char B staying the bridge the whole game and at one point was one hit away from destruction when I had the chance to rally some points off. I scored a 6 so ALL the damage points on this beast were removed. Phew! Zut Alors!

The BEF just stood on the baseline and blasted the  Germans, taking heavy losses in the meantime.

The crossroads. The Bosche beat me to it and the ruin to the right of the church was the graveyard of three of my infantry sections! 

The French and BEF were giving the enemy a good hammering but my troops had been pretty much annihilated. What remained withdrew, covered by the BEF.

It was an enjoyable game and the rules (Iron Cross) worked well especially with the LaSW house rules and extra home made tactical cards. Thanks to Tim, Barry and James for coming up from Mansfield and to John the Red. 

I hope to have a game on Saturday next, ie 11 June. Not sure what yet……?


  1. A bit too early for the big cats.

  2. A bit to early for the big cats isn't itπŸ˜‰

  3. That cat is even worse than mine - SHE just leaps up and tramps over my painting day, she will end up with a scarlet paw or something! I like Iron Cross and planning to use it for my current 20mm SCW project, when it gets to the table.

  4. What are the Cat's stats? Does it suffer nine hits I wondered?

  5. Great looking Game and one of my favourite periods, early war is such fun πŸ‘

  6. Agree with Matt, early war, especially France 1940 is more fun to me than late war.