Monday 29 August 2022



Ok, so after after an aversion to internal combustion engines that goes back to my early teens regarding WW2 gaming readers of this blog will know that I began a project to create the forces for the 1939 Winter War. Armed with a temperamental 3D printer I built up a pair of nice armies. I was then moved to look elsewhere for another project and plumped for the Fall of France. Before my printer went off on in protest once again I managed to get it to print a bunch of Matilda I tanks for the British and a selection of soft skins.

So, apart from decals and the bases I have the 1st Army Tank Brigade, equipped with Matilda I and II infantry tanks.

4 Royal Tank Regiment 

7 Royal Tank Regiment 

I might add another Vickers MkVI as Brigade HQ as I think I have a spare one somewhere in the box. Both battalions were seriously under strength before their moment arrived at the Battle of Arras, largely due to mechanical failures and other breakdowns.

Anyway,  I guess I should work on finishing these and move on quickly to the other units I’m planning for, ie 6 and 8 Durham Light Infantry and the 4 Northumberland Fusiliers, the latter on their motor cycle combinations. Plus supporting field and anti-tank artillery of course.


  1. Are you in danger of becoming a petrol head Colin? A born again tanker? Whatever, nice to see a new project underway!

  2. Very nice, they do look good on mass.