Thursday 16 November 2023

Behind the Scenes: A visit to the Burrow from Wargames Soliders and Strategy.

This week I had a visit from Guy Bowers of Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy magazine. We’d spoken earlier this year when he asked about my French Revolutionary Wars collection, with a view to photographing it to support a forthcoming magazine theme of Napoleon in Italy in 1796. Now, my figures are not in the same league or even same planet as many that have appeared in magazines and continue to do so, but are (I would say) at least better than average wargames standard, whose only aim is to provide me and my mates something to use to game with. 

I can’t reproduce any of the pictures that Guy took until after the magazine has come out, but it was an interesting (and tiring) day setting up the table for Arcola and then Caldiero, moving the figures around, together with lots of generic shots. I’ve seen many of the pictures taken and they look pretty good so I look forward to seeing some of them them in print.

Thumbs up from the director, cameraman and lighting engineer all rolled into one. My main role was to ferry troops on and off the table, make bacon butties for lunch and hold up the backdrop (see later - I must get one).

Camera! Lights! Action!

Massed cavalry.

Austrian troops lining the river shooting at the French who had to march parallel up a raised roadway to reach the bridge at Arcola.

A ‘singles’ shot of a base of Frenchmen.

Massed cavalry again.

Imagine…..Me holding the sky up.

Back to normal now once I’ve done tidying up as John the Red is coming for a game on Saturday. I also have lots of reviews to finish and even more Russians and Swedes to complete. We are planning to be away in January and February next year so I need to squeeze in as many games and as much painting as I can in what remains of the year.


  1. Give you joy of your forthcoming publication, Colin.
    Alan Tradgardland

  2. Not a magazine I buy all that often Colin, but I may look at Phil's copy before deciding whether the content is worth the cost - your pictures excepted of course - as usually it is not!

  3. Well done, your collection is a cracker and deserves the attention.

  4. I've bought my copy of WSS.
    No cries of "the sky is falling!" ?
    Anyway, Well done Colin. Having been part of the Burrow on occasion your gaming space and collections are something to be proud of.

  5. Look forward to seeing the collection on show 👍 ps I hope for the magazine the sky is the right way round 😀