Monday 27 November 2023

Wellington’s Unsung Heroes. The Fifth Division in the Peninsular 1810-1814.

One of Helion & CO’s more recent publications in their excellent ‘from Reason to Revolution’ series is this study of the 5th Division of Wellington’s army during the Peninsular War by Carole Divall. Wellingtons Unsung Heroes, so called as their ranks do not include the prolific letter and memoir writers found in other formations, such as the Light Division, nevertheless played a significant part in Wellington’s ultimate success in driving the French from the Iberian Peninsula, for example at Badajoz and Salamanca.

The author takes us through each year, from 1810 to 1814, giving an very interesting account of the experiences of the division, and the battles and sieges in which it was involved, as well as an analysis of the internal workings of the division and its key personnel. Despite not being as famous as other more well documented formations, a large amount of contemporary letters, journals and other records have been researched and used to create a fascinating and entertaining history, from the whole range of perspectives. Well supported by useful maps and illustrations the story of the division in the Peninsular War is one well told.

This is a useful book for aficionados of Wellington’s Peninsular campaign and it is certainly one that I can recommend.

ISBN978-1-915113-92-4 soft back 260 pages.

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