Monday 13 November 2023

Napoleonic Scenario Books

These two books were recommended to me by my friend Chris Gregg of .

I emailed the author Michael to make enquiries. I ordered these two scenario booklets, which can be used for any set of rules, so very flexible. Some of the scenarios are of quite niche battles but they’re all well presented with maps, orders of battle and players’ notes.

They arrived about a week later, which is pretty good from Canada, but I was also emailed all the maps and scenario notes/orders of battle, including a couple of scenarios not included in either book.

Michael can be contacted through this email,


  1. These are terrific scenario resources. The books contain a distinguished list of playtesters too...

  2. Love his books - great service to Australia also. The 1809 series is particularly good if people are interested in that campaign

  3. I have these as well as his entire 1809 set of scenario books. They are absolutely first rate.