Monday 6 November 2023

Ekaterinoslav Cuirassiers: Now at Full Strength

Here are my 3D resin printed Russian Cuirassier for my early/mid Napoleonic army. I wonder whether doing all five squadrons was a sensible idea.....actually I know it probably isn't as it sets a precedent for the size of my other planned cavalry units. Oops! What the hell, they do look rather good. 

I decided to tone down the white of their coats with a very thin wash and then repaint the white belts, gauntlets and other bits in order that they stood out. After a few weeks on campaign in all weather I doubt the coats would remain pristine white. They were quite straightforward to paint and there is plenty of detail to cope with my inadequate painting abilities. I like them and look forward to seeing them thunder across the table to battle the French, probably next year now.  
You can click on the images to embiggen them.

That now makes three Russian cavalry regiments (cuirassiers, dragoons and uhlans) and I have another four in the box of doom to tackle (cuirassier, uhlan and two hussars) which is far, far to many but they'll go nicely with the 24 battalions of infantry I am well on the way to finishing.

I suppose I should do some Cossacks...........


  1. Never too many. Not when they look so good.

  2. The miniatures looks amazingly great. And yes you can never have too many Cossacks with a Russian army.