Saturday 3 August 2013

Blast from Darkest Africa's past

I was tidying up, i.e. moving stuff around, my study (the room formerly known as the dining room) when I came across a number of CDs. When I loaded them up I found hundreds of photographs of my wargames collection going back to 2002! Certainly the Darkest Africa collection was last used way back then, although I do still have it in a box under my games table. I was playing a campaign at the Durham Club back then, exploring the Congo as several  of us were 'into' Colonial gaming using The Sword and the Flame, and I remember some really fun and bloody games. Maybe I should resurrect them........

Above and below, a scratch built motor launch manned by the Belgian navy. The boiler is made from a kinder egg.
The rest of the pictures show various elements of my Force Publique and tribesmen, together with some Zanzibari slavers and intrepid explorers.


  1. Thanks for the nostaliga Colin, though I don't remember the launch, I do remember that the games were a lot of fun.
    I also remember the chap with cricket bat, was he the great-great-great grandfather of Sean (of the dead fame) ?

  2. Joe, don't you remember the naval battle on the lake against the Zanzibari slave traders?

    Yes he could be a distant ancestor.