Saturday 4 February 2017

Friday night game and York tomorrow.

Last night Peter brought some beer down to accompany an impromptu game. I was being lazy so re-set the table for last week's game of the Russian attack in the Linth Valley in Switzerland. No photos this time though. Peter wanted to be the French so I was most gentlemanly when I decided to randomise where the Russian reinforcements entered the table. Predictably, all the infantry arrived on the western road while the Cossacks arrived on the eastern one.....just like last time. Unlike last time however the French deployed more of their troops on the eastern side of the river, which was to fatally weaken their defence of the other side, ultimately facing twelve battalions of Russians. It was still a hard slog though as the French were able to make good use of their superiority in artillery and hammer several Russian attacks back where they started before weight of numbers began to tell and the French retreated to a new line in front of the villages of Neffels and Mollis. Both armies had by now got one broken brigade, which the Russians could handle but the French couldn't as it represented half of their infantry and surviving artillery. The beer was finished by 10:30 so we called it a night and a narrow Russian victory, which was all that was required to restore their honour.

The amendments to troop characteristics still worked well as there were no re-rolls to either forget or to get frustrated at! Artillery representing two gun sections rather than a full battery have still to give any cause for concern which is pleasing. The potential and much feared consequence of fielding more  gun models, i.e. domination of the battlefield by massed artillery, just hasn't happened. Of course, were anyone silly enough to get too close to a full battery of three models then they deserve all they get!

Off to York shortly so we can be settled in time for the England v France Six Nations match this evening. Then its Vapnatark in the morning which I am looking forward to as a chance to catch up with lots of friends and acquaintances and perhaps buy some more little men.


  1. Hope you had a good time Colin and returned with many toys.

  2. Thanks David. Bought very little in the way of new toys :-(