Thursday, 23 February 2017

Some more French Revolutionary War Austrians.....and others

I managed to get another three battalions of Austrians based up this week. Elite Miniatures, which I like but I know are not everyone's cup of tea. I also completed two battalion gun crews but the guns are not quite ready, but will be soon (like whenever I have a spare 30 minutes when I can paint my least favourite item). I really must get my Trent Miniatures Hungarians done but I need suitable officers, ensigns and the like.

First up though, and totally unrelated, a Russian Seven Years War commander for one of my cavalry brigades, with the general going one way and a dismounted dragoon going the other.

 Then, a little vignetter created with Eureka Miniatures French from their FRW range and a general from another manufacturer the name of whom I've forgotten who do a whole set of FRW French commanders on foot.

 Austrian battalion gun crews going through the motions while waiting for their guns.
 Three battalions of Austrian infantry. All Elite Miniatures and I think they look great in these largish units.


  1. Great stuff, all! The Elite Austrians are really nicely modeled and painted.

  2. Nice work there, like the vignette especially. Elite Miniatures though, a real Marmite issue for me.

  3. Wonderful job, love these creative and colorful vignettes!

  4. Excellent work. I like Elite, they have character and a nice feel to them when painted. Very enjoyable watching this project grow so quickly.

  5. Like the command stands Colin they look good

  6. I don't normally like Elite much but your painting style has brought these to life wonderfully - well done.