Wednesday 15 March 2017

A great find on t'internet: French Revolutionary War campaign books

I've reposted this and deleted the original as the formatting had gone mad.

I was surfing the 'net a week or two ago and came across a reference to these books on another blog. A quick search and I was directed a bookstore in France.  A week later and the books arrived. Yes, they're in French but the orders of battle and maps are easy to follow as is much of the text even for my wobbly French, but with a daughter who is an aspiring French teacher and a wife who is pretty fluent I don't have to look far if need any difficult bits translating.

They're a little like the Osprey campaign series.


  1. Colin, I agree that this is a superb and largely unknown source. I have two of their Franco-Prussian titles and their service was just first rate.