Saturday 25 March 2017

French Revolutionary War Lombard Legion

The latest recruits to the collection are five units of the Lombard Legion. I have two battalions of infantry, a third battalion deployed as skirmishers, a battalion gun and a squadron of hussars. The figures are all from Trent Miniatures and were painted for me by Northumbria Painting Services. As usual I did the basing to ensure it ties in with the rest of the army. I'm just about to start on a command base for the Legion once I've dug deep into my bits box for some suitable, er, bits to include on it. I also need to find a 4pdr cannon to issue to the gunners.

 I think the whole lot look great and I'm very happy with them. Whether their performance on the battlefield will make me happy is another matter of course.......


  1. Great colors, great paintjob, and fantastic work on the bases...

  2. A splendid addition to the game. The bases are really very nice.

  3. These are great! Remember seeing the advert for these many years ago in Miniature Wargames. They have always been on my to do list. Just getting round to starting my Lombardy Legion and wondered what you used for standard bearers?
    Cheers, Richard P