Wednesday 15 March 2017

The Russian army in Switzerland update.

This neat little book was one of the things that got me to turning the idea of recreating Suvorov's Swiss campaigns into reality. I've read Duffy's excellent Eagles over the Alps cover to cover many times as well, and together with a few other sources and the availability of some lovely figures from Eureka, Trent and Elite, the die was cast and less than a year later I've been able to refight some of the engagements in the Alps between the retreating (ok, strategically withdrawing) Russian army and the encircling French.

Although I've collected a rather large collection of Russians (14 battalions plus assorted stuff),  I probably (I.e. Definitely) need at least another Demi-brigade of French (and two of the existing ones need rounding out to full strength....). Even more scary are the Austrians, required for a couple of battles in Switzerland as well as North Italy if, er, when I decide to go that way. Plus, the Battle of Zurich is begging to be fought. Finally, I am dead keen to do the very obscure Anglo-Russian invasion of Holland. Amphibious landings and so forth.....(I've mentioned this before for sure, several times, and I am probably bonkers).

Assuming a I'm not carted off to the madhouse there will be more to come.


  1. Just when you think your collection is done, some thing else catches your eye. Looking forward to seeing what you acquire to round out your forces.

  2. Interesting book! Now, I must try to find one.

  3. Enjoy the madness. Eagles got me going on trying this for Sharp Practice. I had hoped that this would limit my ambition but no such luck. I need more Russians - I already had armies of Austrians and French, and Savoyards. Any chance you may repeat your visit to CRISIS in November?

    1. Thanks Graham. We're thinking about it at the moment but it's quite an expensive long weekend . We shall see 😃

  4. No more bonkers than the next person! Oh, that's me though...