Monday 5 March 2018

"How I am filling up my new Man Cave" or "I need a bigger room!"

Snowdrift in the Dale last week. The yellow thing is part of a digger!

Well, thanks to the Siberian weather of the last week, to misquote Helmuth von Moltke "No house move survives first contact with the weather!" The removal men decided to come on Tuesday, a day early, to avoid the promised bad weather, only to have said bad weather also arrive a day early as well. Being hard 'Boro and 'Darlo' lads they got stuck in and actually managed to pack up about 75% of the house on three wagons and get out of the Dale before the snow closed the only road to civilisation. The following day saw even more snow so our stuff was delivered on Thursday. The 'stuff' included everything from the old Man Cave apart from my table which they couldn't 'walk' round to the back of the house due to deep snow drifts and the lads had not all brought their wellies like their mam's told them to.
My stuff arrives and took up almost the whole back of a Luton van!
Two big fans of the underfloor heating in the new Man Cave.
Chaos.....ordered chaos at any rate.
My 1866 armies put away very quickly and all in one accessible place.
 After some careful unpacking over the weekend and checking for casualties (very few so far and those largely pikes and flagpoles and a few figures which were detached from their bases) I've already managed to fill the three big display cabinets with almost all of my 1672 and French Revolution collections. Other boxed up figures are now arranged in piles by period ready to go either under the long shelves but mainly under the table, when it arrives.
My 1672 armies safely in barracks.

Some of the French Revolutionary War collection.
The rest of the FRW collection.
So as I write I have unpacked every box in the Man Cave. I'm not doing books yet but filling the new cabinets with figures and at least sorting the rest out into 'period piles' (sounds painful) feels like an achievement. All the houses and terrain items are also unpacked and at least some of the former and all of the latter have been put away. I'll feel better when/if my table arrives as much of what it cluttering the room belongs underneath it. Then I just need to think about my collection of hats and my paintings. And my ships.


  1. Wonderful to see progress despite the weather Colin and especially promising to see to many of your wonderful figures making their way back into their display cases.

  2. Superb man cave, looking forward to seeing pictures of the troops in action in their new setting!



  3. It all looks very nice and the beginnings of a plan. I have to say though that the Regimental QM needs a good talking to as the bar seems full of mixers but nothing alcoholic to be mixed with.

    1. Thanks Paul. The hard stuff is in the box with the green polystyrene packaging in!

  4. Blimey, that's a pretty damned impressive snow drift. I'm glad that your stuff has arrived safe and well for the most part. Looking forward to seeing the man cave fully sorted and ready to go.

  5. Oh well done your removal chaps and then yourself too, wonderful progress towards occupation of Northern HQ. That is some snow drift though.

  6. Dale snowdrifts beat anything that I've ever scene in. Chicago. You win.

    I like seeing all of the troops in the display cases.


  7. Minor casualties only ? I say you've thankfully come off very lightly all things considered.

  8. Underfloor heating! What more could a wargamer want!
    The cabinets look great Colin, can't wait to see the finished article.

  9. Very very exciting. I am sure you are enjoying all of it. The figures in the cabinets look great.

  10. Following your progress with great interest. Amazing seeing your dream come to fruition.
    Those cabinets look magnificent. Where did you buy them or are they hand built?
    Your table will bring everything together.
    Keep posting this great thread

    1. thanks Graham. I picked the cabinets up off eBay. Not cheap but worth it.

  11. Your room looks nearly as massive as that snowdrift! Glad it all went well but I now see why Royal Mail were reluctant to deliver your latest Hussarettes on time! The cabinets look wonderful.