Sunday 25 March 2018

Normal service will be resumed shortly so here are some pictures. (Just for Cookie)

The unpacking and sorting out of the troops after their long journey is just about over. No KIA, a few wounded, several who had 'lost' their pikes or colours, and so far there don't seem to be any deserters. The fleet also survived intact so I am very happy.

Readers will have seen the troops in my new glass cabinets. I rescued the old cabinets from the last man cave and some of those will find themselves on the wall of mega man cave (Northern HQ) during the course of the following week. 'Hopefully' I am also looking forward to getting my table extension done this week. It needs widening to 6 foot and I want a 3 foot drop-down leaf at one end to extend it to 15 foot. I also need to reduce the height by 6"

I've started painting some stuff but the main job this week will be in the basing department, where I shall make an attempt at finishing my 1806 Prussians. Below and especially for my mate Cookie from Australia who was getting withdrawal symptoms thanks to the lack of posts for over a week,  are some random shots of the collection as it stands now.

Prussian general staff. A mix of Forgotten and Glorious Minis, Elite and Foundry.

I've based some Aide de Camp figures on lozenge bases so they won't get mistaken for a command figure on the off chance that I have a go using General d'Armee.

Blucher as a young(er) man. (Forgotten and Glorious Miniz)
A heavy battery of 12pdrs in front and 6pdrs in the rear. I have a horse battery as well but they are awaiting delivery of their cannon. The heavy battery are Elite Minis and the light battery are Foundry.

5th Dragoons (Elite Miniatures)
8th and 12th Cuirassiers (I think). Elite Miniatures.

Three battalions of Fusiliers. The front two are from 'Three Armies' and the back one is Foundry.
Another squadron each of Cuirassiers and Dragoons (Foundry)
Hussars. FGMiniz 
A single squadron of Hussars painted by Mark Allen and picked up by me at a bargain price. (Elite minis)

Prussian infantry. A battalion of Foundry Jager, followed by three battalions of Foundry 1792 Prussians that I had knocking around,  then  four battalions of Musketeers and two of Grenadiers. With the exception of two Foundry battalions the others are Forgotten and Glorious Miniz acquired a couple of years ago when they were selling off their Prussians at 50% off or something ridiculously tempting. Five battalions are awaiting their flags, which are en route from Madrid courtesy of Adolfo Ramos who's flags adorn all my regiments.

I've kind of gone a little mad with this collection and found it difficult to be disciplined enough to stick to just one or two manufacturers. The bulk of the infantry (including another half a dozen battalions as yet unbased) are from the French firm FGMiniz. The Hussars at rest and most of the commanders also hail from this manufacturer. I had planned to stick with Elite Miniatures for the cavalry and artillery but a couple of 20% off deals from Foundry over the past 24 months put a stop to that idea! I want another four battalions of infantry to represent the Guard and will wait for Three Armies Miniatures to produce them.

At the moment the roll call stands at:
Cuirassiers - 4 squadrons
Dragoons - 4 squadrons
Hussars - 3 squadrons
Towarczi Lancers - 1 squadron (painted by no horses yet)
Grenadiers - 4 battalions (2 to base)
Musketeers - 17 battalions (8 still need basing)
Jager - 1 battalion
Fusiliers - 3 battalions
Artillery - 1 battery each of horse, heavy and medium artillery, plus battalion guns

The basing department will be working long into the night to get this lot done. I don't have a target date as such but fancy getting them on the table to fight my FRW French who will get  by as their 1806 cousins.

I guess I need to do some Saxons as well.....


  1. You will need many new projects to fill Norther HQ now you know...😉

    1. Hahaha! Northern HQ is just about full already! No new projects but plenty of FRW, 1806 Prussians and some others odd n ends to finish off. Then I already have 95% of my Sikh Wars stuff painted and they just need basing (ugh!). And I have figures somewhere for a couple of other embryonic projects.

  2. Good luck with all that - but don't call me if you need any help!

    1. Thanks Paul. Not a job I relish but it has to be done.