Tuesday 27 March 2018

Paint Desk: 1806 Prussians

Prussian Schutzen. I did these figures from start to finish in a couple of sessions on Sunday and Monday. ("we can tell"I hear someone say).
The figures on the right are from Ingo's Miniatures from Schilling Zinnfiguren in Berlin.  They're a bit wooden but quite appealing for all that.
Elite Miniatures Prussian Schutzen. 
Foundry Prussian J├Ąger. They are odd in that they are not in especially 'jagery'  poses.  These had been painted a while ago so I managed to get them based up Yesterday.

Back to the basing and I've just started 12 Prussian Fusiliers skirmishing which I expect to complete this evening.


  1. Didn't take you long to get back in production then.

  2. The 1806 Prussian army is one of the best looking black powder era army.

    1. I love the uniforms and they weren't that bad at regimental level either.

  3. Another fine addition to the project!