Monday 12 March 2018

Reiver Castings Rumford 28mm Bavarians

Some time ago I was asked by Rob and Mark of Reiver Castings/Nothumbria Painting Services if I could think of any figures I might like to see for their new French Revolutionary Wars range. In a moment of madness and after much surfing the t'internet for information on uniforms I suggested they might consider doing 1790's Bavarians in their stylish yet appalling and very unpopular 'Rumford' style uniforms.

Benjamin Thompson was a scientist and former loyalist American officer who served as Lt. Colonel in the King's American Dragoons. After the war he moved to Great Britain, receiving a knighthood from King George III.  He later moved to Bavaria where he was appointed Minister for the Army. He reorganised the army and introduced a new uniform. Thompson's service to the Bavarian state resulted in his ennoblement in 1791 with the title Reichsgraf von Rumford.

The uniform was apparently never especially popular with the troops, as it was found to be uncomfortable and not especially hard wearing.  Thompson/Rumford is far better known as a scientist, particularly thermodynamics. He was a prolific inventor and among his achievements was the invention of the coffee percolator for use by the Bavarian army and improved more efficient chimneys for domestic heating. He even has a crater on the moon named after him.
Above and below are pictures of some samples of the first batch of figures sent to me by Rob which will be going into production soon. Cavalry and artillery are in the pipeline and I'm expecting some of the infantry in the post this week and will paint them up and put some further pictures up of the end results.  I already have around a dozen units of Reiver's FRW English, and these new figures will make a pleasant addition for those of you out there who collect and game the Revolutionary Wars. The figures would also do for some of the many French emigre units which had similar headgear. I fancy refighting Hohenlinden so plan to buy a brigade or two.


  1. As you know, I would not readily paint another Reiver figure, but each to their own so good luck with the Bavarians.

    1. I know, but the march attack pose should make the job easier whenever I get round to doing them.

  2. I would like to see someone tackle Bavarians in 18mm for this period.