Monday 27 January 2020

Novi part 2: a postscript

Once the dust had settled on Saturday's game I thought it might be interesting to play a few more turns solo before clearing away the troops.
The Russian Cossacks charged the flank of a battery of French horse artillery. The artillery passed their test and were able to limber up and evade.
The French gunners making a tactical redeployment  (fleeing from the Cossacks).
Mike's division in the centre had  been taking a battering from enemy artillery in the shape of two batteries of 12pdrs, one of which was a Russian large battery. This round of firing tipped the balance and saw one battalion disperse, making the brigade faltering. 
I noticed thus battery of French cannon on the rear deployment area. Surely the French hadn't forgotten about it and left it off the table? Seems so.
The Russian grenadiers advanced towards the now faltering French centre, as did the remains of Neil's brigade in order to cover the grenadiers flank. Consequently they weren't bothered by the French cavalry to their front. Brave men. Indeed, the French cavalry did charge but were unable to close and were driven back.
The Austrian grenadiers had been repulsed once but would soon be ready to have another go.
Another shot of the Russian grenadiers.
In the following turn the Austrian/Russian army won the initiative. The Austrian grenadiers charged again, as did the regiment to their flank. This time the grenadiers made it to contact but the line battalion was driven back.
Winning the initiative meant the Cossacks could charge the limbered up French horse artillery, which failed to escape and was overrun and destroyed.
The Austrian grenadiers defeated the French line, forcing them to retreat. This was not good news as the. Brigade was now faltering due to losses elsewhere.
Both the Austrian and Russian heavy batteries targeted Johns battery, taking it over the point at which they would disperse. The gunners fled, abandoning their cannon. 
The French are in real trouble as their centre is collapsing.
I quickly rolled for the two French faltering brigades. The one that had been to the left of Novi had been forced to retreat off the table and was lost. The one in and to the right of Novi threw a 1 in its Faltering test and so it was every man for himself! They too disappeared off the table!

It is always interesting how just a couple more turns can have such a difference on the outcome, as we now had a resounding Coalition victory.

Great stuff and now to put everything away.


  1. A great experiment to carry on for a couple more turns. The benefits of a permanent table.

    1. Well worth it. Trouble is tidying away can take too long and I end up rushed for the next game

  2. excellent report Colin,
    A battle I am sure to fight with my group.

  3. Replies
    1. Well I knew itd all hang on the next couple of turns

  4. Your games are a beautiful example of why we play 2th miniatures and not card board counters. They are simply elegant and inspiring.