Saturday 25 January 2020

Polish Legion, 1799 Italian Campaign

Prompted by the next big game at the Burrow I photographed my now complete Polish Legion now they’re at full strength.

The Legion deployed ready for tomorrow’s big game set in N Italy in 1799.

Three fusilier battalions covered by skirmishers form the core of the Legion

General Dabrowski with the Legion artillery to his left.

Legion Uhlans

It’s taken a while and many a distraction but I’ve now completed my Polish Legion, part of the French Army of Italy in 1799 (although similar formations also existed earlier, and in other theatres of war).    My mate Rob of Northumbrian Painting Services painted all three battalions, plus the gunners, while I contented myself with the basing. The first battalion was painted maybe two years ago and the last one was completed a couple of weeks ago.

The Lombard Legion, still under strength but on the list for completion in the first quarter of  2020

I’ve brigaded them with my Lombard Legion (also painted by Rob) although when the Lombards are at full strength (one more battalion, two more cannon to complete the battery and half a dozen more Hussars) they’ll both be properly ‘Legion’ in strength and composition. Sounds all a bit OCD to me but they’re my toys, so......

With the exception of the Uhlans which are Elite Miniatures, all the other castings are from Trent. The flags (with the exception of two Lombard flags off The Flag Dude) are either off the internet or from my friend Franco.


  1. A beautiful period...and a great looking Polish Legion!

  2. You have a lot of nice toys 👍

  3. Oh the poor table! Oh the creaking foundations! Seriously though, when is enough enough? Probably never, I know, but it's depressing me no end.

  4. Very nice Colin, not too shabby a painter that Anderson bloke :)

    1. He does a good job. So do you and both better than me.

  5. That is a very nice game.

    I especially like your buildings (by Italeri I suppose).