Friday 31 January 2020

A Trip to the Club. Peninsular War with General d’Armee

John and I parachuted into a Napoleonic Peninsular War game at the Durham Wargames Group last night as two of the British commanders were unable to be there. The British were hard pressed, with their right wing under assault by half the French army, and their left had suffered a reverse when a regiment of KGL Light Dragoons were driven off the table. Conrad was already in command of the right so John had the centre and I took the left. Shaun and Nigel were the French. The gorgeously painted figures are all from Shaun's collection.

British heavy dragoons on the left flank.
The British centre is deployed behind the ridgeline, with the exception of skirmishers and a battery of artillery.
The French had captured half of the village but were now massing for a major assault against the battered British right. 
John's brigade in the centre makes a move forward to break the deadlock. Our artillery withdrew out of sight as it had been acting as a cannonball magnet for most of the game and was on the brink of dispersing.
The French hussars (right at the back in blue) had declared a charge on my troop of RHA just out of shot. My heavy dragoons launched an opportunity charge so both groups of cavalry thundered towards each other. In the charge resolution phase I threw an 11 and Neil, even with a re-roll, managed a 6 or 7. When the other factors were included there was a seven point difference and the French routed before we got to cross sabres. Their supports had to retreat and ran out of table. The British cavalry then had to charge on and hit a regiment of  chasseurs. We both managed to repeat our extreme dice rolls so again the French fled. Victory and strike one French cavalry brigade. Neil hastily formed some of central infantry into squares.
Conrads troops held off several French attacks, causing heavy casualties, but in the end one battalion routed, leaving a massive hole in the line.
There was little the British could do on the right as the centre and left wings were by now advancing  towards the French. 
We had to stop then as it was time almost 10pm but the game will continue next week.  It’s good to see GdA being given a run out at the Club. They’re certainly now the go to set of rules of choice for my French Revolutionary Wars games instead of Black Powder. I would probably still use the latter in one of my big multi-player FRW games where players were unfamiliar with GdA as BP are maybe easier to get into. GdA require a great deal more cerebral activity (in a good way) to get the most of the game, especially given the many nuances of the ADC command tasking.

York on Sunday, which I’m looking forward to. 


  1. GdA, no thanks; don't want what is left of my brain to dribble down my nose! Good to see you up and about though, enjoy Vapnartak and remember to buy some toys!

  2. A very nice game. Great to see, that your favourite rules were played.