Tuesday 26 May 2020

French Revolutionary Wars Campaign battle technology update

Some of the participants in the game, as seen through Skype. General Pichegru has even set the background to show a portrait of the man himself.
Yet another player, and the view from the pan-cam showing the entire battlefield. There’s another pan-cam looking down the table from left to right and the iPad on the table is the roving camera for close ups. I am getting to like the idea of limiting players to a restricted view of the tabletop. It makes it more of a challenge for them but it does mean that the minutae of tactics etc at battalion level or taken care of by the facilitator.


  1. All beyond me I'm afraid to admit!

    1. Me too, have managed this reply though.

      I am suitably impressed with your endeavour Colin.

  2. Jarvis looks like he's just stepped out of an inflatable on the Kent Coast. The poor lad needs a bit sunlight I think.