Thursday 7 May 2020

The Guides de l’Armee d’Allemagne

I found some ‘spare’ early Napoleonic Hussars in the box of doom so thought I would knock off a quick half dozen figure squadron of the Guides de l’Armee d’Allemagne from the French Revolutionary Wars as depicted in a Knotel print I’ve seen. This was a short lived (they were subsumed into one of the regular hussar regiments ) and small unit but one with a good bit of dress sense when it came to their uniforms. Very bright. These are actually Eagle Figures Spanish Hussars but mirletons and breaches and a paint job and hey presto. I reckoned General Houchard in my FRW Flanders campaign needed a squadron of Guides so What better motivation than that. I’ve been struggling with painting these past few days but they’ll do.


  1. Fab Stuff Colin! Once "this" is all over we will all have to have a big Nappy day!

  2. Very colourful Colin. Every general should have some of these lads.

    1. Thanks Peter. Now the other French players will expect a squadron of their own as well!

  3. Splendid...
    Just the kind of subtle uniforms that I like...

    All the best. Aly

  4. Anyone in Yellow, Red and Revolutionary is good with me. Tres Bien. Keep safe