Tuesday 24 November 2020

Some new books

 I was fortunate enough to receive three books off the nice people at Helion last week. I’ll do a proper review of each as I read (or devour) each of them. I am well through the Army of George II so will be posting something about it in a day or two.

Last week I also bought the new Osprey book on Renaissance armies in Italy. 


Sadly I found this book less exciting and informative than I’d hope the title might suggest. I may be well read (whatever that means) but I found this book dull with little in the way of new information. Now, I’ve read the author’s books on the War of the Triple Alliance and came away at the end thinking, “yeah, these are good and I’ve learnt a fair bit I didn’t know before reading them.” Not quite the case with this book. Ok, an Osprey is a very limiting medium for any subject, let alone one as involved as this, but at the end I thought, “ mmm? So that’s it then?” For an introduction to the subject it gives a good if necessarily shallow overview, something I blame the format for and NOT the author. The central colour plates are rather nice, and the numerous B&W illustrations are useful. Despite my lack of enthusiasm for the book, I have no regrets about buying it as there is a place for it in my ever growing library. 

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