Monday 28 February 2022

I dont need any more Soviet tanks for the Winter War project, but…………

……..I do need the variety. So, a few more Soviet tanks, a mixture of plastic kit and 3D printed models.

Two OT-26 chemical tanks, ie with flamethrowers. These are 3D prints by me.

We next have a company of BT-7 fast tanks. I have one more to do to complete the unit.

Same vehicles, four different marks. From the left, the first is a plastic kit, the second is a resin print of the artillery model with a 76mm howitzer in the turret, the third is a 3D printed OT7 with flamethrower in the hull, the fourth is the command variant, again 3D print by me.

 I’ve been trying to get on top of the pile of pine forest I need to turn into terrain sections, but real life has got in the way over the last couple of weeks and will do for a while to come as my wife Katherine has been diagnosed with what looks like very early stage bowel cancer. Praying the prognosis is good after they’ve done all their tests.


  1. Nice tanks, but very unfortunate news on the bowel cancer. Hopefully it is easily resolved.

  2. Fingers and toes crossed for your wife on the cancer front Colin!

  3. Best wishes to you both and hoping for a favourable outcome.💕

  4. Very sorry to here about your wife's problems. I'm sure all will be well. I must take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent and entertaining blog. It has kept me going through some bad times as well

  5. I wish you both all the best.