Wednesday 20 April 2022

And now we go over to the velodrome


At the time of the Winter War of 1939/1940 the Finns equipped their elite jäger battalions and other recce troops with bicycles (swapped for skis when dictated by the weather). Each company also had a section on bikes for messages and the like. 

These are probably more use if I extend my options and start playing the Continuation War but I’m not contemplating that yet!  The figures are a mixture of HaT and Streletz WW2 German cyclists so only needed a paint job to turn them into Finns. Some even have what look like camo ponchos that I have painted white. They’re ok I suppose and I really find it hard to paint 1/72 scale after many years of 28mm castings.

I don’t know how much use they’ll be and glorious bicycle charges across frozen lakes doesn’t seem like a good idea (but no doubt someone will try it one day) but they’ll be handy somewhere or sometime. 


  1. A cycle mounted charge over a frozen lake! What could go wrong? Nice addition by the way!

  2. Need Queen playing in the background

  3. Good looking execution of putting this type of unit together. They look to be out in the cold.