Saturday 16 July 2022

Pendraken 30 years old!

John and I popped down the road today to visit the premises of Pendraken who are celebrating 30 years in business with an open day, with several games on the go, plus a tour of the factory, a free spin on the casting machine, (I asked for more sheep of course), discounted figures and other products and free pizza and donuts!  

Pendraken are definitely a local SME success and have grown massively since they first set up a workshop in their garage. I don’t have any 10mm figures and no plans to get any but they do look very nice en masse. I’m too long in the tooth to switch down to 10mm; I mean it’s taken 30 years or more to go into 1/72 scale!

Here are a few pictures of the some of the games being played. It was a pleasant couple of hours.


  1. Looks like a fun day out!

  2. Thanks for this post Colin. As a collector of 10mm in WW2 and AWI I found the photos interesting and to learn a little more about Pendraken