Tuesday 23 May 2023

Another unit for the Seven Week’s War.

On the Prussian side again, a battalion of Brunswickers. I have a thing about all the German minor states’ armed forces. These are the same miniatures I used for the Lubeck Fusilier Btn, from Steve Barber’s Saxons, part of his Franco-Prussian War range. They’re really versatile as they would also work as 1866 Saxons with a suitable head, also supplied by Steve, 1866 Nassau infantry and probably many others with the right headgear. 

Brunswick fielded two infantry battalions, a hussar regiment and a battery of guns, which formed part of the 2nd Reserve Corps deployed in the western theatre. I don’t believe they fired a shot in anger or even heard someone else’s, but the temptation may be too great. An added advantage is that these troops retained their old uniforms well into the Franco-Prussian War after their homeland had been ‘absorbed’ by Prussia at the end of the Austro-Prussian War, so how good is that?

Now for another obscure regiment.

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  1. Back in the swing of things now I think. Obscure units always of interest I think.